INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AHS: Innovation in Integrating Education, Research and Health Services within AHS Network

I. Introduction

In developing partnership between university and other health care system which focusing in research, patients care, training and education Academic Health Science System (AHSS), Academic Health Science Partnership was developed which then transformed into Academic Health System (AHS). This concept is integration of medical education, with one or more professional health education programme which have one or more academic hospital, or affiliation between acedemic hospital, health system and other health care organization (Wartman, 2007).

The mission of the Academic Health System has traditionally been seen as tripartite:  educating the future of health workforce; conducting biomedical and clinical research; and delivering comprehensive and high quality patient care. However were believing that three “misson” areas are, in fact, functions supporting the true mission of academic health centers, which is to improve the health and well-being of the community (Wartman, 2010)

The foundation for the future Academic Health System will be a strong team made up of sophisticated and capable exercise and capable executives supported by excellent management systems.

Because Academic Health Center are a unique blend of “business” interest (patient care leading to substantial revenues) and “academic” endeavours (teaching and research), it is critical for them to be able to bring both sides into a virtous cycle, “in which the clinical enterprise-through financial support-raises the level of the clinical enterprise” (Wartman, 2008). In moving towards the virtous cycle, academic health centers can be integrate their function of education, research, and patient care with community and population needs. Many countries including Indonesia are still facing many boundaries in implementing an optimising the aims of Academic Health System. In facing these problems we need to find an innovation to overcome these problems.

II. Aims

General Aims:
Developing innovation in integrating education, research and health services within AHS network.

Specific Aims :

  1. To strengthen the quality of medical education;
  2. To strengthen the quality of translational biomedical research;
  3. To strengthen the quality of clinical and community health services; and
  4. To strengthen harmonization of higher health professional education and health services

III. Date and Place


: Thursday – Friday, 12 – 13 January 2017


: 08.00-15.00 Local Time


: Auditorium  Faculty of Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada


Contribution Fee: USD 100 (IDR 1.000.000)
Payment via Virtual Bank Account
BNI 46 Account Number: 9888807014111469
Virtual Account Code: AHS UGM Indonesia

Conference Committee

Chairman: Endro Basuki,MD., MSc, Consultant Neurosurgeon
Co-chairman: Sri Awalia Febriana, MD, PhD., Dermato and Venerologist
Secretary: Dr. Sri Mulatsih, MD, Consultant Pediatrician

  • Gandes Retno Rahayu, MD., M.Med.Ed., PhD
  • Nurwestu Rusetiyanti, MD, Dermato and Venerologist
  • Puspita Laksmintari, MD, Dermato and Venerologist
  • Mora Claramita, MD., PhD

Event: Amalia Setyati, MD, Consultant Pediatrician

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Faculty of Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada
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